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Rocky Mountain News Article
Updated On: Oct 22, 2010

Due to a clerical error, this article was not printed in the current issue of the Rocky Mountain Teamster News paper.

Local 2
Teamsters Local # 2 Executive Board
Daniel J. Doogan -- Secretary / Treasurer
Greg Superneau  --  President
Bill Wilke  --  Vice President
Bill Rowe – Recording Secretary/Business Agent
Randy Simonich – Trustee
Jimmie Shigley – Trustee
Matt Workman – Trustee

By Daniel Doogan
Secretary- Treasurer


Invitations for our centennial celebration in Butte on September 25th should be in the mail to all of our members in good standing and our retirees. If you haven't received an invite, then contact your nearest local office if you wish to attend. The deadline to request tickets is September 18th. Seating for the dinner is limited, but I hope there will be enough room for all who wish to attend. There are local gatherings planned as well for the following places and times:

Missoula – August 18th at Franklin Park 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM; Bozeman – August 28th at East Gallatin Recreation area 3:30 PM – 10:00 PM; Havre – August 31st at Pepin Park 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM; Great Falls – September 9th at the Great Falls Labor Temple 3:00 PM – 9:00 PM; Kalispell – September 15th at Lawrence Park 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM; Butte – September 25th – Open House at Butte Teamsters Hall 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM and the Grand Finale Dinner (RSVP Required) at the Star Lanes Event Center 6:00 PM – Midnight with a no host cocktail; bar and appetizers starting at 5:00 PM .

Join us for a day of socializing with your Teamster brothers and sisters.


Congratulations to the newest addition to Local #2 on their representation election victory. The Fergus County deputy sheriffs, detention officers, 911 dispatchers and civil clerks have voted to become Teamsters by a 5-1 margin. We look forward to negotiating the best contract we can for our new bargaining unit. Local #2 is proud to represent a considerable number of law enforcement members throughout the State.


Negotiations for our State Highway workers will begin soon. The State of Montana has frozen workers wages too many times recently as a means to balance the budget. This year looks a little better for the State than it has for the last several years. Wage freezes are not the answer. I urge all of our Montana Highway workers to get involved with your Union to prepare for what may prove to be very difficult bargaining. I always believed that our effectiveness at the negotiating table is directly affected by the support of our members. Watch for meeting notices in your area and plan to be in attendance.


One final thought. Most all of us identify who we are with what we do. We are truck drivers, law enforcement, warehouse workers, food service, bread and dairy workers and etc. I'd like you to think of yourselves as Teamsters also. In conversations, introductions or simply when you think to yourselves. I am a Teamster truck driver, a Teamster detention officer, a Teamster dairy worker. You get the idea.  Our strength comes from our unity. Let's be conscience of that everyday and it will eventually make a difference where we work and in our lives.


General membership meetings have been suspended for the summer and will resume in September.




With negotiations in full swing, the summer months have been very busy. We ratified a three-year City of Great Falls contract, maintaining a 90/10 split on the insurance with wage increases each year. Also, the Poplar School Bus Drivers recently ratified their contract which was expired since last year.

I spent five days in Omaha for the Bakery and Laundry Conference. The hospitality extended by Local 554 made our trip very enjoyable. It was a very good conference and Omaha is quite the city. As you know, the Bakery Division has been struggling with the bankruptcy of Interstate Brands Corporation and the continued changes that have been challenging the industry as a whole.

The majority of my contracts are public employers. With the downturn in the local, state and city budgets, it has been a trying year so far. The majority of the employers have been offering to pick up the health insurance increases, but have been reluctant to give much as far as wage increases. Everyone wants to have a safe environment, health insurance and a great education system, but communities struggle when adding the tax burden to their residents in order to pay for these.

Proposal meetings were held for the Meadow Gold Dairies employees in the State of Montana. Negotiations should begin in the very near future.  It is very important for the members to participate not only in the proposal meetings, but also the ratification meetings when they are held. Our Stewards with Meadow Gold Dairies will help the Local keep the members informed during the negotiation process. When negotiations are completed, it is your responsibility to attend the ratification meetings so that you may make an informed decision on whether to accept or reject the proposed changes.

With the primary election over, you will be going to the polls and casting your ballots this Fall. It is your duty to vote for the candidates who will represent your interests and protect the rights of the working class and their families. Take the time to do a little research prior to making your decisions. Bad politicians are elected by people who don’t vote. Be sure to register to vote.





In May, 2009, a new unit with Eagle Beverage, serving the office/clerical staff, was certified by the Board of Personnel Appeals. In the process of attempting to get a new contract, a ULP was filed dealing with the termination of the Union Steward and the failure of the company to negotiate in good faith. This ULP was upheld and contract negotiations continued. I am happy to report that the first contract has been negotiated and ratified by the membership. When a unit is determined to be organized, it takes unyielding perseverance and dedication, which this group definitely has shown, with the support of their fellow brothers and sisters working as drivers/warehousemen for Eagle Beverage.

Contract negotiations continue with Park County Road and Bridge. I hope to have a first contract with this unit by August 1st. Also in Park County, we are continuing to deal with the longevity issue that has been ongoing since March, 2004. On June 23, a ULP was filed with the Board of Personnel Appeals.

The contracts for the Cut Bank School District (Aides, Cooks, Maintenance / Clerical) have been ratified. All three of these units will receive increases in wages and in employer contributions to health insurance.

The Northern Rockies contract has been opened and proposals have been sent to the employer requesting dates to begin negotiations. The National Laundry Drivers’ contract has been opened and dates are pending to convene negotiations.

I will be making rounds more consistently once school has begun and summer vacations have ceased. Look forward to seeing you then.





Negotiations are wrapped up with contract ratifications for Mountain Line and the Hamilton Police Department. Votes for both of the contracts were unanimous. A special thanks goes out to all of the Teamsters who participated in the meetings.

After much discussion and negotiating, Missoula Parks and Recreation and City Streets were able to help the City with their budget shortfall, but did receive en extension on their contracts.

UPS: There have been a lot of payroll errors that have come up since the District realignment. Some employees’ vacation time and holiday pay have been “lost” since the move to the current payroll office. Make sure to double check your pay stubs and ALL of the other information so that when you do take vacations and personal days, you are paid for them. If you don’t receive the proper pay, PLEASE DO NOT wait for the company to fix it. Instead contact your Steward or Business Agent so there is no lapse in your income.  Hope you’re having a great summer!





I have been extremely busy in the Butte office of Teamsters Local #2.  Since the last publication of the Rocky Mountain Teamster, I have negotiated and ratified contracts with the Port of Butte, Butte Silver Bow Road Department and the Anaconda Community Hospital/Nursing Home CNA’s.  With a lot of hard work, Teamsters Local #2 prevailed in arbitration against the Butte School Board.

In the months of May and June, 2010, I attended the Unity Conference in Las Vegas and the Teamster Leadership Academy in Denver, respectively. The information garnered was very informative and will definitely be put to good use.

I would like to express a heartfelt thank you to all of the Shop Stewards that I work so closely with. Your hard work, dedication and support are greatly appreciated!


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